It was five years ago when the tinge of panic attacks started to sweep over me… Start my own business? Really, this is the path for me. Since then I’ve meant extraordinary people and business owners that I can call my clients and some friends. In those beginning months everything was new and fresh… Ohhh look at that my first check, my first po, my first business cards etc etc… I can’t say I get excited over accounting anymore, but designing and meeting new clients is always a rush. The best part of my job is getting to see the excitement of my new clients who are venturing out on their own like I did 6 years ago. Looking at their potential logo designs and web templates, I can relive that excitement just a little.

 The running total…

  • 3087 projects
  • We manage over 110 domains as of this weekend
  • Customer base almost 500
  • 100 Advertisements
  • 20 Billboards & Signage
  • 237 Brochures & Postcards
  • 13 Manual & Catalogs
  • 182 Corporate Id Projects
  • 402 web designs
  • and I guess 1000 updates!

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