This week’s expedition was Corry PA. We heard of a new antique mall at the Ruff Acres Antique Roadshow and decided to go for a road trip. Bruce failed to tell me about the length of the drive. Note to readers: I revert to a seven year old on road trips that are longer than 20 minutes. I have a rule if it’s over 3 hours then I take to the friendly skies. This trip was winding and a bit of a roller coaster ride. Yes, that was me whipping through the background of Corry with my head out the window. A little tip when you pass the red neck motel (that’s right red neck motel) you know you’re going in the right direction.

Alas, when we finally arrived I gave a disgruntled look at Bruce and said I shall never return! Then my mom and I looked around a whole street of goodies. Well, maybe I overreacted perhaps I can be sedated next time? Our first stop was the Whistle Stop Antique Mall or what I now call antique galore! I found a lot of antique blue willow plates dating 1890 and some newer pieces for under 50.00 which ended up being less than a dollar a plate. So I scooped those up. Jadeite… Oh yes, please, I’ll take those antique jadeite plates. A crock you say with a matching lid? Scooped that up as well. Kasper likes his dog food fresh and an antique crock keeps his food looking adorable.

My thoughtful mother pointed out an antique castor set which I’ve been looking for. A bargain too!

Next off to The Blue Cupboard where shabby chic antiques were bountiful. I bought as Bruce says the “heaviest mirror” on earth. Later in the day there was some belly aching on the hanging of the mirror. Blues, whites, and silvers picked up a little of this and a little of that. I’ve had posts on blue bottles before so you know I can’t pass those up. Bell jars for my pantry. Everything is far cuter in antique jars.

So by this time the car was well packed. I was ready to call it a day but alas there were more shops. Cute little tables popped up that I couldn’t resist at Something Special. The purpose of the trip was to find a table and I found two a cafe table and a tavern table. Now, the dilemma begins…. how do we get the tables home. My sweet husband offered to take us home and unload and come back for another. Bonus points for him.

Conclusion… Corry may be my new favorite place for antiques. I got out and enjoyed the first day of spring and got some great inspiration for my new designs this week!

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