Sometimes long weekends are evil

That’s right evil! 36 labor days, and the first year I missed hot dogs on the grill, the last swim in the pool, and my dad’s fireworks. Instead, I learned that crutches seriously need to be redesigned. Come on industrial designers get inspired. These are evil, evil items that leave your armpits raw. Luckily, Rebecca shared her walker with me and therefore I crown her as my savior!

11 days ago, l dog sat for my parents. I saved a certain overly round lab from falling from a bed by catching her on one left leg. Alas, wonder women I am not.

Lessons learned
1. Do not lift a dog over 70lbs on one leg
2. Calf sprain hurts more than a ski pole up your nose
3. Calf sprain hurts more than a broken leg
4. Calf sprain hurts more than bruised ribs. (another time when I tried to be wonder women with a hammock that’s another story)
5. My four story 100+ house is not ADA approved
6. Working creatively with shooting knife pain is impossible
7. If your leg feels stiff word to the wise rest. Otherwise your doctor at urgent care will shake his head at you and say no walking. And then he makes you repeat no walking for 6 days. And when you say but… He says no!
8. My husband should receive an award for his duties.

I should be returning tomorrow. I won’t be a 100% but I sure do appreciate my legs and toes more than you can imagine.

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