We’re getting ready for 2022 Growing Seeds! Our seed orders are in and seeds are getting planted!

Artisanal Flower Farm

Our collection of heirloom flowers, herbs and cottage style blooms are hand selected and grown on our 15 acre artisanal floral farm in Jamestown NY. Our flowers are available at our weekly flower stand, bouquet subscriptions and to specialty stores from June through September for DIY brides, designers and all flower lovers.

Explore Our 2022 Flowers

I’ve put all the flowers in our catalog that we are growing this year from seed. They’re out of stock until they’re blooming. We start growing on February 9th 🙂

I have always been inspired by creating something from nothing. Taking a piece of this and a snippet of that and making something beautiful and memorable. Giving people those moments from something I have created is the height of what drives my creativity. Allowing people to reconnect with nature and themselves is a great feeling. 

Along the way, I lost sight of my own moments. Tethered to a computer coding all day started to wear on my creative soul. Sure, I was still being creative but getting out in nature and thrusting my hands into soil and growing something from a seed is another thing entirely. Some of my fondest memories have to do with flowers from my grandfather’s rose garden in the city to my mother always creating new landscape and garden designs around the house. Flashes of my grandmother’s yellow roses in bloom against her white fence brings instant joy to my heart. 

Cultivating the miraculous from the everyday and giving that feeling to others has no equal. Catching the fragrance of sweet peas on a summer breeze transports me to another time and place. Remember an experience with flowers? How does it make you feel now? Flowers can mark time in your life. Flowers make you Savor Your Thyme.  

Buying a 15 acre farm and having the goal to transform it from nothing to fields of flowers seemed like a good idea. Oh boy!, the work to do it seems insurmountable some days. Then the brown turns to green and the green blossoms into a color palette born only from nature and then those days of hard work mean more, feel like more than they did at the time. That kernel of an idea to create and breathe new life into not only ourselves but the land also nourishes our soul. If I can give someone just a sliver of that feeling through one of our flower arrangements I can feel confident that we have chosen the right path. 

Not only have we chosen a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle but we can give some of that to others and inspire them to take a moment to Savor their time. What inspires you? Fills your heart with joy? Bolster you to do better in the world? Take the time to find out, because Those Moments Matters!

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