Chautauqua Suites

Elizabeth Gleason | 06 October, 2021

            Chautauqua Suites


Tint Press updated the website for Chautauqua Suites in 2017. It was time to make the site mobile responsive and give them a boost with their search engine optimization. The previous site was made up of large images with little to no actual text on the site. We also incorporated the two restaurants into the site. Guests and Diners can quickly view the menu without having to download a pdf. A news section was added listing events and dinner specials. Improved navigation was highlighted with easy to use drop down menus. The site now works and syncs with their social media platforms. New photos were taken by local photographer Rob Sigler of the exterior and interior building. The new photos help showcase the visually stunning interiors of the hotel.

We work closely with the hotel to keep their social media active from 2017-2020. An increase of 11% of new fans on Facebook and an increase of 99% organic reach has occurred through the last year. A new twitter and Instagram page were created to help spread the word of all the events and dining specials you can find at Chautauqua Suites.

Photography Rob Sigler
Branding provided by Client