Create An Accurate Pinterest Board

Elizabeth Gleason | 19 February, 2021

This exercise will bring clarity to what words you use actually mean to the rest of the world. This is SO important in creating a brand and or website that is perceived as you intend. 


  • Follow Elizabeth Gleason Design on Pinterest.
  • Let me know when you’ve followed me and I’ll set up a Private Board for us to work on.


On your intake, you were asked the following questions:

  • List 3-5 or your personal strengths
  • What 3-5 words or phrases would you use to describe your business (think in terms of personality)?
  • Describe your future website and brand in three words. Modern, Clean. Provocative. Classy. Colorful. Simple. Anything goes!


Note your answers and use these words as the foundation for your Pinterest search. Combine them with physical things. For example:

________ + branding
________ + decor
________ + logo
________ + office
________ + fashion
________ + website
________ + (your own idea here)

Pin anything that feels in line with what you had envisioned, add comments to the pins as needed to give me further direction.


Pin any royalty-free photography you come across that you think might work for your website or that would inspire your own photo shoot.

TIP: My Pinterest board Branding Inspiration contains boards organized be descriptive personality words. Explore those and pin anything that lines up with what you had envisioned.

Let me know if you have any questions about creating a Pinterest board.

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