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The Black Greenhouse Build – Part 2 The Windows

Often, people say that Betsy keeps me busy with all her projects. There is usually a problem with that statement because it is usually my idea to be crazy and do certain things. For instance she was fine with the small greenhouse and how it functioned for her. I was, on the other hand, not fine with the cramped quarters and how it functioned.  … Read More The Black Greenhouse Build – Part 2 The Windows


Purple Skies

It was a scorcher hot July a few days ago. Those hot sticky muggy nights where your one true friend is the ac. We were zoning in front of the tv and oblivious to anything around us except the heat. For an instant, I turned my head and noticed the beautiful sky. Guilt set in… why am I just zoning when this happens? I … Read More Purple Skies


Spring Blooms

Blooms from the garden this week. The lilac planted the summer after we moved in is finally blooming. This week we planted three different varieties of tomatoes, over five varieties of peppers, Genoese basil, tansy, and lots more in the garden.