Category: Andrews Farm

+ Elvin Manning Hummingbird Painting by Elizabeth Gleason

Elvin Manning

Flower Petal to flower petal, Elvin flitted about. Sweet nectar, he sought to sustain the beat, beat, beat of his wings. To his left and to his right, he took flight finding morsel after morsel to feed him.   There up ahead, was a house he knew that had sweet nectar in abundance. The vessel, bright red, swung gently in the afternoon breeze. He flew … Read More Elvin Manning

+ Crowned Swan

Crowned Swan

Chauncey Graziella, A beautiful swan, lived in a pond on Andrews Farm in Wesleyville. At night the swan could be found with a golden crown floating in the water. The other animals in the pond knew their place and knew who was king of the pond. The swan ruled the pond with grace and wisdom, and all the animals lived in harmony under its … Read More Crowned Swan


3.0 Blackberry

Blackberry was a class study piece. I think if I redid it again, I would make the bowl bigger than suggested in class and do the check pattern differently. Of course, I think I’m thinking acrylics because doing the background and then laying out the blue pattern would be easy. In oils, it may get muddy. Here we did each section at a time … Read More 3.0 Blackberry