Hydrangea Bouquet

10 Bunch Minimum Hydrangea Bouquet

If I could grow only one flower it would be the hydrangea. I love all the varieties and have many growing on the farm. They begin their bloom in July and provide color throughout autumn. It always feels like I’m waiting for hydrangea season and then out of nowhere they appear and I start putting them everywhere. Throughout the seasons the colors change from clean linen white florets to flaming reds and pinks. This bunch of Hydrangeas will be based on what’s in season when you order. This season, most likely, our hydrangea bunch will consist mainly of our White Annabelles and Incrediballs because they produce heavily throughout the season and are the oldest shrubs on the farm. 

We have on the farm:

  • Annabelles
  • Incrediball
  • Nikko Blue Hydrangeas
  • Limelight Hydrangea
  • Gatsby Pink Hydrangea
  • Bloomstruck Hydrangea
  • BoBo Hydrangea

Please remember we do not offer delivery of our flowers. Bouquets will need to be picked up at the farm. At check out choose local pick-up.

Bouquet Subscription Pickup Calendar for Subscribers ONLY.

*Please let us know the night before if you want a flower pick-up. We do need some time to harvest and clean and arrange your bouquets. If you want a Pick-up please let us know by 6pm the prior day.

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