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Businesses are expected to keep up with the latest and greatest social media platforms as technology expands and develops into new and exciting avenues. Small businesses can find this rate of growth difficult to keep up with in their day to day operations.

Tint Press develops a clear and concise plan for your social media marketing. Our marketing plans give you the most traction for your money. We target your customers and develop the best plan of action to create your own personal branded social media presence.

The goal always is to turn your followers into customers. We believe in a clear concise plan and work out marketing plans for 3 months, 6 months, or even 1 year. Through our training and social media tools.

We are still booking for Social Media Consults to get you all organized and set for your business. Also, we can always come up with brand ideas for your social media marketing and help you with the extras below.


One on One Consultation to discuss how to maximize your social media. Set up a social media calendar for the year.


Is it two weeks from Christmas and you forgot to mention your Christmas Promotions? It happens to all of us. Let us set up a carefully thought out editorial calendar for you. It’s all about strategy and being proactive instead of reactive.


Tint Press also scans the internet to hear what people are saying about your brand. We set up keyword alerts to keep us on top of things. We’ll let you know if someone is singing your praises, which I’m sure they are or on the off chance there’s an issue we’ll face it head on together.


Do you have Facebook timeline envy? Does your competitor have it together and your twitter profile has the twitter icon on it?

If you need a new look for any of your social media platforms give us a call. We thrive at making your platform the one readers wish were theres.


Love social media and want to tackle it on your own but just need a little guidance. Social media is always best when it’s true and right from the source. Tint Press can show you the best way to tackle new media and maybe suggest some tweaks to bring your content to the forefront. We can set up a consultation to your group or work one on one with you.


Just don’t have enough time in the day? Trust me we understand.  Don’t feel guilty.

We have plans where we ghost write your material for you. Share informational news items from the web and remind you to tell us what’s going on in your company. Every month, we send you a summary of what’s planned for your review and have it all automated and scheduled for you.


Afraid of engagement? A bit shy? We’re not!

We’ll be listening and ready to tackle the engagement on your site. Social Media needs to actually be social and responsive. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for you and bring what needs attention to your attention.

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