Design Studio

I’ve been creating web, social media and branding marketing pieces for over 20 years. At this time our design schedule is at maximum capacity.


Artisanal Flower Farm

My husband and I also live on a 15 acre farm that we’re converting into a floral farm. We offer local flowers during the summer months. It helps me step away from the computer screen and de-stress from my busy schedule.

Domain & Hosting

A part of the design studio, registry press is an off shoot. It provided domain registration, hosting plans and SSL Certificates to our clients and anyone else that wants to get their small business on-line.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth or Betsy

A web and graphic designer who owns a 15 acre floral farm with her husband and two dogs. Learn more here

Latest from ~ A Painted Life

Follow my new adventure into oil painting.

Aubrey Ann Watson

Spring Recipes from our blog


Ingredients 2 C Feta Cheese2 tbs Flour1 C Shallot chopped3 tbs Butter2 C Cottage Cheese1 lb Phyllo Dough1 cup Melted ButterSalt and Pepper2 lb Spinach frozen1/2 tsp Oregano chopped1 tbs Basil chopped2 tsp Fennel Instructions Steam and Chop Spinach. Salt and Pepper lightly and…


In the mid-1990s, I was fortunate enough to have traveled to New Orleans twice. They were both high school trips for, I hate to admit, marching band which I played the clarinet (quit laughing). We were a small school band that was able to…

Smoked Shrimp with Apple Wood Chips

Every summer, we take a trip up to Barcelona in Westfield, NY and grab some smoked salmon and shrimp from a local vendor. It is usually a great drive to get them. If we are in the mood and the beach is not full…