Fresh Smell of Lilacs

Lilac buds bursting as early as January are the norm around here. We wait and wait for May to come to smell the fresh scent of Spring. Enjoy the fleeting smell of Lilacs while you can. 

Spring Lilacs

A spring bouquet full of lilacs would be so perfect for any bouquet. Lilacs come in purple, pink and white. A delicate flower without a lot of fuss. Lilacs are a deciduous shrub that can reach heights of 20-23 feet. In our zone which 5b. New York you should have plenty of lilacs to choose from in May. The fragrant lilacs pair well in bouquets with ranunculuses, sweet peas, and clematises. Think about pairing lilac centerpieces with silver bowls for a romantic look or mason jars for a rustic look.

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