I’m still arranging and rearranging furniture as we remodel the Farmhouse. We celebrated two years in December and I still feel like we have so much to finish. Our list is getting smaller but there’s no room fully complete. One of the other things, I never fully thought through was what to do with our furniture. It would be nice to just start from scratch when we moved into the new house. Alas, my furniture budget on our list of to dos is behind new electricity upgrade, stones for the driveway, roof repairs, windows for the barn etc etc, etc. The upstairs has hidden pieces, I haven’t used since we moved in and I’m just now trying to see what will fit where and if there’s room for this or that. One such item, we featured on the blog a few years ago.

Pink Dresser
The Before in our Old House.

I had found this dresser at a flea market for under 60.00. The dresser had a pretty awful wood grain going on but I loved how the drawers bowed out. It fit perfectly in our old bedroom with a gray and white motif. It was a neutral pink, not too girly but muted. It was the perfect size back then to keep that corner from feeling too naked and bare. I felt bad for the dresser now when I threw something on it or stuck something in it’s drawers. It was slowly becoming the junk cabinet and it was just too cute for that.

So one day after work, I made Bruce bring the lonely dresser down the stairs to see if it would fit in our living room. I was happy with the proportion but the color was so not working in the spot. I would have made a trip down to the paint shop to comb through colors if the snow hadn’t been flying outside. Instead, I said what the heck let’s see what leftover stuff I have in the basement. I found some leftover Sherwin Williams Floor paint that we used to paint the last house’s front porch with. When I say floor paint you know what I mean right? That super liquid paint for floors almost like a stain. Hmmmmmm what would happen if I put a red floor paint on top of this pink paint. I’ll tell ya – quick beautiful antique red stain look!

I didn’t want it to be a painted piece. I wanted it to blend in with our primitive antiques in the living room. It really couldn’t have worked out any better. Foam brush and one coat and I had a brand new piece of furniture. It dried in less than an hour too. The project could have turned into a disaster but instead it was the perfect solution. Plus the top drawer now holds all of our charging equipment for phones, tablets, and laptops. Bruce drilled a hole in the back and now all those ugly cords are hidden.

A new dresser for me and the cost of the transformation $0.00. I used everything that I had already in supply. I rack that up in the Win Column.

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