It was a scorcher hot July a few days ago. Those hot sticky muggy nights where your one true friend is the ac. We were zoning in front of the tv and oblivious to anything around us except the heat. For an instant, I turned my head and noticed the beautiful sky. Guilt set in… why am I just zoning when this happens?

I don’t know about you… some days we work so hard out in the garden I don’t actually take the time to enjoy the hard work. Nothing on my phone or tv could match these purple skies.

Jackmanii clematis was in full bloom for the purple night too.

Our hydrangeas are all starting to burst forth. These ones are already starting to turn a little pink which means either Summer is starting to wane already or the dry weeks we have had are taking their toll. The Fourth of July is suppose to be the beginning of summer but usually it means that my planting has stopped and I’m in weed control. Getting out there before 8am is the only way to manage the pesky weeds. Watering watering watering. The fun part of imagining what you’ll plant is now over it’s just maintenance.

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