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The Black Greenhouse Build – Part 2 The Windows

Often, people say that Betsy keeps me busy with all her projects. There is usually a problem with that statement because it is usually my idea to be crazy and do certain things. For instance she was fine with the small greenhouse and how it functioned for her. I was, on the other hand, not fine with the cramped quarters and how it functioned. 

I think we should make a bigger greenhouse,” came out of my mouth, not hers. 

Inside the Sketchbook

The problem was that I wanted to be creative and make the greenhouse out of old windows. I mean the amount of old sash windows that are just tossed every year is insane when someone could use them to build something spectacular. You just need to have some vision on what you want to use them for. My vision was a greenhouse. 

Since we moved into the new house I was steadily collecting old windows from various sources. When I got real serious about the project I called up a local window company and they said that they were just finishing a project around the corner from us and we could grab whatever we wanted from the old windows. I jumped in the Jeep and drove over and found wonderful old single pane sash windows all in great condition. 

Antique Windows

I now had about 40 windows that I could use to make the greenhouse. The only trouble was they were all shapes and sizes. Added to this were some windows I was able to buy from a  relative that remodeled the old one room school house where I grew up. I now had all shapes and sizes; arched, square and rectangular, some with one pane of glass others with six panes. It was going to be tough. 

I started with the floor which was 12 x 16 and then placed that where I wanted it. The rest, I designed around this. You can see the drawings I did trying to figure out the placement and overall design of the walls.

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