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Black Greenhouse Gathering Part 1

We had always wanted to build an antique vintage greenhouse. We’ve been picking and collecting windows since we moved into the farm. These were bought at a sale on Open Meadows, where Bruce grew up. They’re from the Old School House.

March, when the wind was whipping and snowflakes were flying, I was busy planting seeds in my little greenhouse. I planted so many seeds I will admit some didn’t make it into the ground. In years past, I always had some duds. I still did, mind you, but I would say I had 85% germination. One of the big improvements this year was the addition of a heater. In years past, I would start all my seeds in the studio, and when temperatures were above freezing, I would transfer them outside. So much back and forth checking thermometers and dirt everywhere.

One day I recruited Bruce to help me do some seeds. He came out, and we were crammed in my little greenhouse. He declared I needed more room. No, No, it’s fine. It’s just me in here, usually. No, this is ridiculous. I’m building you a greenhouse. I refused. He insisted. Really who am I to say no to a new greenhouse? A place to house all my garden items and big enough to run around in. It’s not a bad idea. The other plus to this new idea was we wouldn’t have to haul items out to our makeshift farmstand. We could have a window to open up and deliver our goods right to you.

Then my mind started to work overtime on this. Wait, who’s going to man this greenhouse? Every time someone comes in, I’ll have to leave the studio and walk over. What if… What if… I moved the studio too. This would also solve the problem of noise pollution. I love Bruce, but boy, can he make some noise and clients during tax season just walking in and chatting up a storm when I’m in the middle of programming isn’t my favorite. January-April, I wear big noise-canceling headphones from 9-6 pm. So what if we turned a room in the barn into my studio?

And this is why I haven’t been posting any blogs, or you’ve seen a lot of new projects on the site. I have been super busy in the studio, super busy gardening and well painting! Painting walls, Painting windows, Painting Furniture, just painting painting painting.

We are 75% done with the new greenhouse, and the studio is 95% done.

He also was able to get these adorable doors and that ladder will be used in the ceiling to hang baskets and herbs from. There’s also an old mailbox looking to be turned into something.

While Bruce was working away in the studio, I started prep work on the new studio gardens. An old garden arch we got from the Secret Cubby in Findley Lake. We tore out all the sod in preparation for pea gravel. We got a delivery of stone that we used as the base of the greenhouse and our pathway. For the summer, my clients got to walk the plank to our studio.

The floor is in!

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