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Swedish Midsommar Potato Salad Recipe

Swedish Potato Salad

Since there is some Swedish in our ancestral lines Bruce and I like to make some traditional Swedish dishes throughout the year. This version of the traditional Swedish potato salad is served during Midsommar festivities and uses Nasturtium leaves and flowers as its focal flavors. Nasturtium is just starting to flower during mid June in our gardens and it made sense to finally try out this potato salad. Nasturtium has edible leaves that have a slight peppery taste and edible flowers that are bright orange, yellow and red. Because it is an annual we have to plant this every year. I love Monet’s garden in Giverny and down the grande alley the Nasturtium overflow into the garden paths. This year I planted Alaska Nasturtium {Tropaeolum majus Nasturtium} in the gardens. The leaves of this variety are variegated from dark green to light yellowish green. The leaves have a light peppery taste to them. You can find them in containers and in the edges of our gardens

We are planning on serving this side dish with smoked salmon with a creamy dill sauce made from crème fraîche and dill from our garden.



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