In my younger years, I had a hard fast rule. The rule was don’t buy me red roses to all my boyfriends. Bruce knows this rule and does very well buying me orchids and this year I know I’m getting Dahlia bulbs. Red roses are fine if that’s your thing. To me they’re so over done. I much prefer pastel roses or light pink roses. Store bought long stem roses are not a favorite in general for me but in February I’ll take any greenery. Soon heirloom roses will be in bloom, one must just remember patience.

With Valentine’s Day on Sunday chances are if you’re lucky you will get some roses. If so get creative. Don’t just put the roses in a crystal vase. Look around and see what you have in your cupboards. What color might complement the arrangement. Maybe you have a family heirloom, an antique crock or a special vase.

Next step go outside and start foraging. I love a good forage! Even in the depths of winter you can find some extra goodies like dried hydrangeas, pines and some seed pods. Also, try removing those long stems and making a smaller more intimate arrangement. I placed these next to my bedside and one on my desk.

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