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Sweet Peas are just starting to flower in the garden.

There’s a good mix of early Summer flowers ready for your bouquets this week. You have six weeks left in most of your subscriptions which would bring us out to August 5th. If you have a vacation and need to skip a week that will be fine just let us know or if you want more flowers throughout August you can skip this week too.One thing to keep in mind; let us know the night before if you want a flower pick-up. We do need some time to harvest and clean and arrange your bouquets. If you want Friday Pick-up Schedule your time or let us know by 6pm today.This week we have zinnias, cosmos, snapdragons and dahlias as the main ingredients in your bouquet. I’ve now opened up a couple single bouquets options. So if you want a farm fresh bouquet feel free to order one and choose a pick up time.

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Did you know some of our flowers are edible? You will see a fork for edible or skull and crossbones for poisonous. Snapdragons above are edible but aren’t tasty.
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Bouquet Subscriptions Open

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