This week it seems like the rain has not let up but because of the rain all the flowers are getting watered regularly. They are happy and they seem to be enjoying the weather enough that day by day they grow. Every night we take walks around the gardens and see a new flower here and a new color there. Bright oranges, deep blues; specks of red and yellows dot the gardens. Great big dahlia blooms in one bed then delicate stock in another. It is always amazing how something grown from seed can blossom into the flowers that they become. Large as life and full of sunshine. Just knowing they are out there brings joy and happiness.

We have some new flowers that have come up. Take a look at the pictures we got right at dusk after the rainstorm came through.

We have an abundance of flowers and will have a flower stand open by chance hopefully this week. We’re fighting the weather right now. The wind at the farm is not a breeze but more like hurricane wind. The wind is the primary reason why we don’t have a stand out front. Everything blows here and delicate petals would be damaged easily in a bouquet. When you see the sign out front you know we’re open but I’ll always post on social media and our website too. Depending on the weather, we may have the flowers on the black greenhouse deck or inside and maybe even inside the barn.

Thank you for your patience!

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