Some of the bouquets we make are filled with edible flowers and herbs. We have grown some unique varieties of edible flowers and herbs on the farm so we can use them in regular bouquets but so we can also make completely edible bouquets. The completely edible bouquets can be used throughout the week to add flavor and color to home cooked meals. Fresh basil for a Caprese salad or a homemade pesto, fresh oregano for spaghetti sauce, or bee balm or chamomile that can be used for some late night tea out on the front porch.

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New and haven’t tried one of our bouquets. No problem! Right now we’re offering a mix of the freshest blooms we have on the farm the day you order them. Just choose a single bouquet below and pick a date and time you want to pick-up.

If you have questions or want something in particular just let us know.

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