As we look out the window we see the days getting shorter and the leaves are starting to turn ever so slightly. The temperatures are going from the heat of summer to the coolness of Autumn and with it, flower season is starting to close. The bright colors are still in our field but soon we will miss the brightness of the season everywhere we look. 

We will still have individual bouquets available for as long as the flowers want to grow and bloom. Keep an eye out for what we have available for purchase in the next coming weeks. We are also looking ahead to next year’s growing season and choosing what flowers we want to add. If you are interested in a bouquet subscription for 2022 and have a specific flower you would like we can look to see if we can add it into our seed purchases. Keep in mind that subscriptions for 2022 should open up in December. The subscriptions are limited so if you are interested in a 4 or 7 week let us know.

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