+ Primroses


My first primroses were a gift from my Mom’s garden. These are one of the first flowers I remember as a kid. I clearly remember wearing a yellow Easter dress out in the front drive where she originally had primroses planted all nice in a line.

Primroses bloom in Spring and sometimes even in the dead of winter, thanks global warming. One of my favorite things to do is grab these at the check out line at the grocery store. They show up around February and gives you a pop of color in the house. Then I transplant them outside. The small flowers in all different colors make me feel like I’m skipping through and English Garden. I’m slowly lining our herb garden every year with a new plant.

This was the first garden I created when we moved into our first house. Two mirrored patterns in our walkway. My mom and I spent the day plowing through the stony city ground our first spring. She brought over and shared her primroses. Mine still aren’t as large as hers.