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Ingredients 2 C Feta Cheese2 tbs Flour1 C Shallot chopped3 tbs Butter2 C Cottage Cheese1 lb Phyllo Dough1 cup Melted ButterSalt and Pepper2 lb Spinach frozen1/2 tsp Oregano chopped1 tbs Basil chopped2 tsp Fennel Instructions Steam and Chop Spinach. Salt and Pepper lightly and cook, adding to water for 5 minutes. Cook shallots in 3…

Zucchini Casserole

Summers, as a kid in the 1980s, was filled with long days in the pool with my cousins. If you listen close enough I think whispers of Marco can still be heard to this day floating over the pool with inevitable Polo replies hanging in the air. One classic game known to a select few…

Cream of Mushroom

One of the classic Christmas Recipes originates from my Grandma Coffin. Broccoli Casserole, one of my favorites transports me back to her kitchen at Christmas. I can imagine all the dishes presented on her kitchen island that were an antique butcher block. The kitchen was all a buzz and her checking the oven to make…


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