I bought four heirloom roses for my rose garden the first spring we moved in. This one is a mystery rose. I have the tags: Smile (Clesmile), Alba Semi Plena, Belle Isis, and Golden Blush none seem to match the rose I actually got? And of course it’s the mystery bush that has taken over the whole rose garden. Even though it’s a mystery it marks summer for me. It’s the first big spot of color I get in the summer.

After it blooms in June, I’m going to prune like crazy. Frightened! But if I don’t Bruce is afraid it will come and attack him, which is a common theme with him. The last days of May the buds start to bust out all over the bush and when you walk by you smell a bit of cloves. This week he finally bursted open and marked the beginning of summer. He easily has 200-300 blooms on him. Reddish copper Rose Hips that add color throughout winter. If you have a name for him let me know?

Off to weed the beasts!

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