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+ White Nancy

White Nancy

Nettle VariegatedLAMIUM maculatum Do you need a clean fresh pop of white in your shade garden? White Nancy Nettle is a fresh ground cover that blooms from May to Early June. The little tufts grow up to about a foot and spreads quickly to almost 3′ wide. My first Nettle was a transplant given to me by mom. I had it growing in the … Read More White Nancy

+ heirloom roses

Heirloom Roses

I bought four heirloom roses for my rose garden the first spring we moved in. This one is a mystery rose. I have the tags: Smile (Clesmile), Alba Semi Plena, Belle Isis, and Golden Blush none seem to match the rose I actually got? And of course it’s the mystery bush that has taken over the whole rose garden. Even though it’s a mystery … Read More Heirloom Roses

+ Primroses


My first primroses were a gift from my Mom’s garden. These are one of the first flowers I remember as a kid. I clearly remember wearing a yellow Easter dress out in the front drive where she originally had primroses planted all nice in a line. Primroses bloom in Spring and sometimes even in the dead of winter, thanks global warming. One of my … Read More Primroses