Kasper and I took the afternoon off to clean and inspect the backyard gardens. He’s thoroughly enjoying the garden hose in operation again. I let him enjoy the roll in the mud since tomorrow he has a date with Sharon at Dog Moms.

Spring Cleaning the yard
Kasper enjoying Spring

I’m not sure how I collected so many antique insulators, it just happened. For newbies… Insulators can date back to the 1800s. Insulators come in an assortment of shapes and sizes and were used to insulate electric and telegraph wires. They love the sunlight and bring a little sparkle to the backyard. The glass all got a scrub down this afternoon to make them sparkle even more.

The thermometer read 100 this afternoon. Yes, that’s right. Directly in the sun but I was too? So it was definitely hot for April 2nd. That will be on the paint to do list along with the steps in the backyard and our backyard chairs.

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