I was out filling our decimated bird feeders this evening (man, those birds can eat!) when I heard a buzzing. Was it a bee? A mosquito? Nope, it was a hummingbird. Alas, those feeders were empty too. I think he buzzed me to let me know that he wanted a little something too.

I think everyone knows that sugar water is better for hummingbirds than the store bought stuff. However, if you’re still in the dark this recipe is for you and your hummingbird friends. This recipe is definitely better because it uses natural sugar and NO RED DYE!. It is easier than even going to the store. 

Hummingbird Recipe

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe


  • White Sugar
  • Water


  1. Combine 1 part sugar with 4 parts water into a pot and let sugar dissolve completely
  2. Make sure all your feeders are clean prior to filling
  3. Store any extra in the refrigerator for refilling later
  4. Clean and refill regularly to prevent mold

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