Well, it’s time to get caught up on the projects we’ve been working on. First up today the pantry! We’ve been cherry picking projects to talk about since we have plenty going on.   We have projects on every floor and every room. The pantry has been done since October and I keep forgetting to share it with you. Our enchantment was featured this weekend in a “Hello January” Treasury that you can see way down below and it reminded me to share the pantry project.

We have tons of cabinets in the kitchen and we had been using a set for our go to items. It was messy. We ended up buying things we already had because we couldn’t find them. Plus it was not large enough for our needs.  On Prather, we had a pantry and I really missed it. This house has tons of closets, attics, and hiding places for everything but no pantry. So we sacrificed a closet in what I call the Breakfast Nook, off the kitchen. Goodbye closet! Hello pantry! So thankful it was done before the holidays. All our ingredients were ready for the bustle of the holidays.

Ok that was the easy part… Bruce of course had the harder part!

For the chalkboard, I used chalkboard paint from Lowes and it was super easy and fast to coat. I painted the door interiors both front and back with two coats. On the front, I post menus or seasonal items just for fun. Inside the pantry, another panel is used for a grocery list. It’s easier for us to write it down here and snap a picture on our phones for the grocery store. The interior of the pantry is just the khaki color we have in the living room since it will go with whatever color I use in the Nook. I wish I had a before photo of this room. When we moved there was a lot of stuff left from the original owners in this room and it was the first room we filled up with stuff. I’m still stripping away the wallpaper of course too. Check out the scrapes over there…

Bruce’s dad has a little sawmill so he went up and picked out what he wanted.

We eventually plan to have some built in bookcases and a window seat in here. Maybe if I’m lucky some french doors that go out to a porch. We’re thinking of also opening up the staircase to make the room feel bigger.

Then his dad and our nephew helped him plane the boards down.
We’re all stocked up for a winter blizzard and that’s how to convert a closet to a pantry.

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