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Antique Wooden Cheese Boxes

Why does a girl want a cheese box? I love Cheese boxes! No, I don’t need big rounds of cheese to age. My mom always stuck the most interesting things in the boxes growing up. I could always find an Early American Life Magazine in there. Strange, a ten-year-old reading Early American Life, yes, but still true. In the winter, she would fill them … Read More Antique Wooden Cheese Boxes

+ Fir entryways

Fir Details


Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

85% of the Christmas presents are wrapped. I always wrap in brown paper because brown paper packages tied up in string are the best for Christmas! This year I used antique book prints that I printed with winter and Christmas themes glued on card stock with a dash of snow glitter and a sprig of greens and a dash of a black Christmas stamp. … Read More Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String


Rustic Candles

Previously, I’ve done posts about our candles in the window. We gather our candles from storage at the beginning of Daylight Savings and place them in every window. Our dear friend Rebecca, gifted us a set of Candles for a housewarming present when we moved into the farm. She always gives the most thoughtful gifts. I remember the surprise of opening up the box … Read More Rustic Candles


Closet to Pantry

Well, it’s time to get caught up on the projects we’ve been working on. First up today the pantry! We’ve been cherry picking projects to talk about since we have plenty going on.   We have projects on every floor and every room. The pantry has been done since October and I keep forgetting to share it with you. Our enchantment was featured this … Read More Closet to Pantry

+ Glass Door Project

Glass Door Project

Finally, my desk project, which I started in July, is now finished. It seems something always came up where I didn’t want to spend the money on the glass top for the desk that Bruce made for me from a wild idea I had this summer. Luckily, he just ordered it for my birthday. And even more lucky, I got it early. We found … Read More Glass Door Project

+ Potting Bench

February Inspiration

I was looking for inspiration to write about this week. The snow is finally getting to me and perhaps my workload. The sun shone through the kitchen’s blinds and highlighted my potting bench as I was brewing a cup of tea this morning. So the sun chose the topic today. It’s not very often that sun rays have snuck into our windows of late.