Previously, I’ve done posts about our candles in the window. We gather our candles from storage at the beginning of Daylight Savings and place them in every window. Our dear friend Rebecca, gifted us a set of Candles for a housewarming present when we moved into the farm. She always gives the most thoughtful gifts. I remember the surprise of opening up the box and seeing a box full of glowing candles. Inside the box was a note with Laura Ingall Wilder’s Post from The Beacon Light of Home…

For the last five years, we’ve added to Becky’s first gift and now we have candles glowing in every window of our home, office and studio from the start and end of daylight savings. The warmth of the glow through the dark of winter warms the heart.

Last year, the candles received an upgrade. White candles with a brass base fit in many home decors. The interior view of these candlesticks shine like new penny in our rustic interiors.  Transforming these candles into a primitive rustic candle just takes some time and sticky fingers. Grab some modge podge and a strong cup of coffee and get crafty.

Candles DIY

Turn Classic White Candles into Rustic Candles

Prep Time: 1 hr  | Drying: 2 hrs


  • 1 dozen Battery Operated White Candles
  • 1 Can Black Spray Paint
  • 1 Cup Coffee (Add a ¼ cup of coffee to see if you like the color)
  • 1 Cup Modge Podge
  • ¼ Cup Coffee Grounds
  • 1 Paint Brush


  • Mix Coffee Grounds and Modge Podge together with ¼ cup of coffee. You want to get a desired color with a somewhat watery paint like mix. Add more coffee if you need to.
  • Paint one coat and let dry. I used a flower frog with pens in the holes as a drying rack. Wait about a ½ hour to an hour for the first coat to dry. Then add your second coat. I repeated this for a third time to get the look I liked.
  • While you’re waiting for each coat to dry. Spray paint the gold bases with black matte spray paint. I think a cranberry color would look great too.

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