Blue and Yellow Morning Star.

Western New York awoke this morning covered in a blanket of snow. The blizzard warnings for the last two days had left early yesterday leaving us with a mere snow warning. Mother Nature wrapped us softly in winter’s arm and laughing at us and refused to let us out of its grip.

I had planned on spending the day in the greenhouse starting the new plantings for the farm. The art studio said no, come in for a bit and tidy up and paint. Who am I to say no.

I finished up my second bigger hex sign. I like the balance of colors, design and symbolism. Also, fighting the internal noise in my head about perfection. When you spend 90% of your design life working on a computer, it’s often hard to let go when you actually create something handmade. The signs could be perfect with taped lines, stencils or computer generation. I don’t want that though. I need to feel the bump or nook of the wood. I need to see a star slightly off center with a warmer yellow tone. I need to feel that imperfection and feel good about it. In that imperfection it makes the piece my own and nobody else’s.

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