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Oscar Woodward

Staunton Farm stood in the heart of Wesleyville’s tranquil countryside, nestled within rolling hills and fields. Oscar Woodward resided here with vibrant feathers that shimmered in the morning sun. Oscar proudly woke the farm up every dawn when the first rays of pink and orange sunlight with his cock-a-doodle. His chest puffed out, and his head held high. He crowed and broke the stillness … Read More Oscar Woodward

+ Rufus Montgomery Oil Painting by Elizabeth Gleason

Rufus Montgomery

Rufus Montgomery spent most of his time in a dense brush near an old Wesleyville farmhouse. Unlike other rabbits, Rufus had a unique talent. He had a deep understanding of others’ thoughts and feelings. This came in quite handy when hiding from humans and any other unwanted attention from prey. He was well over a century old, but no worries, he still was spry … Read More Rufus Montgomery


Glasgow’s Apple Cider Farm

Preliminary sketch of Glasgow’s Apple Cider Farm based on a barn on Ramsay Road. Wesleyville Collection | Buy Originals | Prints on Society6 Explore the artwork & stories of Glasgow’s Apple Cider Farm Wesleyville Collection | Buy Originals | Prints on Society6

+ Bentley Hart Rabbit Oil Painting

Bentley Hart

Twilight was coming to the glen. The fireflies had just started their nightly adventures while Bentley hopped home. He was out later than he should have been because he had found an enchanted waterfall tucked away in a copse of trees. He had been foraging when he ventured a little further than he had ever gone before. The view was enchanting, the rushing currents, … Read More Bentley Hart


September on Snow Mountain

In September, snow mountain was still in various greens with a hint of gold awaiting the blaze of vibrant colors to come. The maple trees swayed in the gentle breeze, their leaves just thinking about turning a brilliant shade of red and orange. The sun illuminated the golden fields, and Alice grabbed her tote with her sketchbook, a soft blanket, a thermos of hot … Read More September on Snow Mountain

+ Silver Pears Oil Painting by Elizabeth Gleason

Silver Pears

I remember seeing Meredith with the salver full of fruit. I thought about having one but decided against it. Now I am glad that I abstained; otherwise, I may be dead now too.

+ Theodore O'Quinn Hummingbird

Theodore O’Quinn

Meredith walked through the gardens like she and Grandma Em always did on Sunday afternoons. The ritual was never missed. She remembered when they first started the tradition. The sun high in the sky, illuminating all the colors of the garden blooms and the smell of the flowers mingled together carried on the early summer breeze. Meredith reached over and ran her fingers through … Read More Theodore O’Quinn


Jasper Wallace

Purchase Paintings As the snow melted away, Jasper Wallis hopped onto the branch outside Glasgow Apple Cider House’s window. He had eagerly waited for this moment, the first step out for spring. There was only one way to welcome a new spring. He perked up his chest and chirped out a sweet melody. He noticed the youngest son stopping on his way out to … Read More Jasper Wallace

+ Elvin Manning Hummingbird Painting by Elizabeth Gleason

Elvin Manning

Flower Petal to flower petal, Elvin flitted about. Sweet nectar, he sought to sustain the beat, beat, beat of his wings. To his left and to his right, he took flight finding morsel after morsel to feed him.   There up ahead, was a house he knew that had sweet nectar in abundance. The vessel, bright red, swung gently in the afternoon breeze. He flew … Read More Elvin Manning


Duncan Bartlet

Duncan Bartlet could never do a card trick like his Uncle Cyrus nor fend off the lions with sheer tenacity like Ungle Gunter, but he could wield a paintbrush like none other.