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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Are you wearing green? I celebrated all week wearing green, but today I put on grey. Bizarre! But I am off to hit the local deli for a delicious Reuben. I sent out three Irish theme postcards for my postcard project. I decided to do three quick landscape studies and used some Irish landscape photos. I joined the Landscape Reference Photos for Artist Group … Read More Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Aubrey Ann Watson

I’ve been working on oil portrait studies on paper for fun for the last couple of weeks. Meet Aubrey Anne Watson. She’s on her way to dinner but would be much happier sitting by the fire reading a delicious new book. Photo credit: Luke Braswell



Barnaby was sent out in February 2023.


The Purple Cake

The first birthday postcard hit the mail this week. This was from a stock photo from Unsplash so thank you to photographer Heather Barnes. Jadeite Dish is a favorite obsession of mine. This was a fun one to do. It’s best that I paint cakes rather than bake cakes. There are only two of us here, so only mini cakes are allowed. The Purple … Read More The Purple Cake


Alert Rabbit

Alert Rabbit was painted in oil during the Winter of 2022. Our farm is hopping with rabbits; they’re always alert for predators and me sneaking pictures from them. He was sent out as a Thank You card to one of my favorite people. I added prints of him to our shop if you want an alert rabbit hopping about you. I like the pop … Read More Alert Rabbit


Pink Cocktails

Holidays, birthdays and special events pop up, and I always sigh and say I should have made a card as I sift through the cards at the store. This year, I decided to do something about it. I found some kraft paper postcards for oil painting and bought a batch. I pick a photo from my inspiration archive folder every Tuesday morning and paint … Read More Pink Cocktails

+ Nick's Rosy Cheeks

Nick’s Rosy Cheeks

This is a 9″x12″ original oil painting. Painted on wood panel. Frame not included. The frame can be displayed without a frame. Rosy cheeks buffeted by the blowing snow, Nick walked toward his waiting sleigh. Pulling his heavy jacket close about his face, he prepared for the evening’s journey. Undaunted by the coming weather, he brushed the snow off the cushioned seat and sat, … Read More Nick’s Rosy Cheeks


8.0 Dark Raven

Dark Raven is right. Phew I wanted him dark and moody and I definitely went all in. First bird in oil and I think he will fit right in with my Halloween decor for October.

+ Country Path

7.0 Country Path

Size: 9×12Medium: Oils What I’ve learned in oils so far. I never think I’m doing it correctly or think I’m going to like it until the last 20 or 10 minutes. Once I add the finishing touches of lights and shadows it all comes together. Kinda like magic and don’t we all need a little magic now and then in our everyday lives? Talk … Read More 7.0 Country Path


6.0 Apple Harvest

9 x 11.5 Oil on Wood Board Apple Harvest is based on a photo by Tiffany Anthony.  Here is my impression. I love dark reds and moody paintings. It’s apple season here. The harvest isn’t great this year, most likely due to a surprise storm in the spring and dry weather. You can still find an apple here or there to pluck from the branches.