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Turkey Centerpiece

In Wesleyville, the anticipation of Thanksgiving revolved around Staunton Farm, the sole haven for acquiring the perfect turkey. Families flocked to the farm. Amid laughter and shared excitement, the cherished tradition of selecting the centerpiece for a heartfelt feast of gratitude echoed through the generations.

+ Indian Corn

Indian Corn

At Staunton Farm, Aubrey selected vibrant Indian corn for her Thanksgiving swag. With hues of red and gold, it embodied autumn’s spirit. Back home, she meticulously crafted a warm welcome for guests. As the door adorned the festive creation, Thanksgiving’s essence embraced all who crossed the threshold.


Apple Cranberry Crisp

An apple-cranberry crisp can be a good option for a dessert or even a side dish. If you wait for the apples to be in season you can get some great flavors from the fresh apples in your region.  When we first moved into the house it was winter so we had just missed the apple season and right next to our house was … Read More Apple Cranberry Crisp