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Fireball Applesauce

In the midst of Western New York apple season, you can find apples strewn on the ground and in the trees. Bees and wasps circle the apples with their last ditch effort to enjoy a taste of sugar before the frost hits. Last week, Bruce and I grabbed a market bag and walked down to my parent’s orchard. We spent our lunch going from … Read More Fireball Applesauce


Apple Cranberry Crisp

An apple-cranberry crisp can be a good option for a dessert or even a side dish. If you wait for the apples to be in season you can get some great flavors from the fresh apples in your region.  When we first moved into the house it was winter so we had just missed the apple season and right next to our house was … Read More Apple Cranberry Crisp


Apple Bacon Egg Bake

When we moved into our house it was the middle of December and this apple tree looked very, very dead. Upon further inspection, it was even worse than we thought. One of the limbs had fallen off in previous years and they had packed the big hole with concrete. We knew that it was going to be a Spring project to get the tree … Read More Apple Bacon Egg Bake