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Pink Cocktails

Holidays, birthdays and special events pop up, and I always sigh and say I should have made a card as I sift through the cards at the store. This year, I decided to do something about it. I found some kraft paper postcards for oil painting and bought a batch. I pick a photo from my inspiration archive folder every Tuesday morning and paint … Read More Pink Cocktails

+ Snowy Titmouse Elizabeth Gleason Oil Painting

Snowy Titmouse

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​My little friend, I hear your song. “Good Morning,” I say. You look up at me and shake the downy snow from your feathers. A moment later you fly away, maybe tomorrow we will meet again.

+ Country Path

Country Path

Just cresting the bend on his daily walk, Walter Hobbs could barely make out the town common just ahead. It had always fascinated him how he could be walking down a country lane and then appear just inside the town where all the bustle of town life was all around. He looked forward to making a wish in the fountain today even after all … Read More Country Path


4.0 Red Pear

After the berry day, I had to go back to the pears for a boost of confidence. Happy little red pear.


3.0 Blackberry

Blackberry was a class study piece. I think if I redid it again, I would make the bowl bigger than suggested in class and do the check pattern differently. Of course, I think I’m thinking acrylics because doing the background and then laying out the blue pattern would be easy. In oils, it may get muddy. Here we did each section at a time … Read More 3.0 Blackberry


1.0 The Silver Cup

So come on my journey while I dabble in oil painting. I’ve always been bemused with oils. They seemed like an unattainable goal. During college, I never was taught oil painting. The painting classes I had weren’t very helpful. We met twice a week and painted and critiqued each other’s work. Some of my pieces were shown in student shows and juried shows. This … Read More 1.0 The Silver Cup