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Xavier Escapades

Xavier Cuddlestone, a sleek black cat with emerald eyes, plotted his nightly escapade to Wesleyville Cemetery. He slipped out silently, his pawprints like shadows. Amidst moonlit tombstones, he embraced the spectral energy, dancing with departed souls in the quiet heart of the night. Wesleyville Collection Paintings

+ Sargsyan Watercolor Painting


Sargsyan, the black crow, perched on a gnarled branch, fixed his obsidian gaze on 9-year-old Eddie Hodgson. His coal-black feathers ruffled, and his caw carried an unsettling message, sending shivers down Eddie’s spine. It was an encounter that left young Eddie with haunting memories of that peculiar crow. Wesleyville Collection Paintings


Nocturnal Adventures

Xavier Cuddlestone’s emerald eyes transformed into fiery orange orbs as the Halloween moon bathed him in its eerie light from the shadows. His feline silhouette took on an enchanting, spectral aura, marking him as the true spirit of the spooky season, ready for nocturnal adventures. Wesleyville Collection Paintings


Xavier Cuddlestone

On Halloween night, Xavier Cuddlestone, the mischievous black cat, slipped out of Greta’s room, his emerald eyes gleaming with mischief. He made his way to Wesleyville Cemetery, where he stirred up ghostly shadows and laughter among the spirits, creating a bewitching night of enchantment and playful haunts. Wesleyville Collection Paintings