Category: Inkhart Woods


Mimi’s Secret

Mimi Andrews ventured into the misty October Inkhart woods, where ancient trees whispered secrets and leaves crunched beneath her steps. As the fog thickened, eerie shadows danced around her. Amidst the enigma, she stumbled upon an old journal, unveiling forgotten tales of the woods’ mystic past, forever binding her to their magic. Wesleyville Collection Paintings


Birch Copse

Mimi Andrews ventured into the hidden birch copse within Inkhart Woods, her basket in hand for All Hallows Eve’s foraging. The ancient trees whispered enchantments as she gathered mystical herbs and mushrooms, ready to weave spells and brew potions for a night of magic and mystery. Wesleyville Collection Paintings


Halloween Moon

Bentley Hart, the curious rabbit, perched at the edge of Inkhart Woods, watched the Halloween moon ascend. Its eerie glow cast enchanting shadows on the ancient trees, stirring a sense of adventure. Bentley’s heart raced, ready for a moonlit journey into the mysterious heart of the night. Inkhart Woods Paintings