One of the big installations this spring was the new sweet pea lane. An entrance to the new cutting garden required something fun. I had ordered a lot of Spencer Sweet Peas for sale at our farm stand and they needed a home to grow. Bruce created a walkway into the garden with lumber and chicken wire for our sweet peas to grow up on. When it gets cooler out I’ll begin painting the walkway. I prefer to think of it as a runway…. Strike a pose, turn, smile. Either way it’s fun and welcomes you into the new cutting garden. 

Bruce working hard and being a sabertooth construction man!

We have probably 200 sweet peas growing up on the new installation. One side I didn’t pinch the seedlings. The other side I did as I was told and pinched them to supposedly create fuller plants. All I can say is the ones I left wild and grow as they pleased are more prolific. Really, do plants need us to fuss over them so much. As I get older my gardens get wilder as I let them roam free and only tidy them up in fall and spring. 

Sunsetting on construction day

Bruce built the sweet pea lane out of pressure treated 4×4 posts and non-pressure treated 2×4 runners so there would be no chemicals on the lumber that the sweet peas would grow up on. Unfortunately we have to use pressure treated on anything that has to go into the ground and is exposed to moist soil. The boxes were made out of 2×6 non-pressure treated lumber to give the sweet peas a little more dirt to grow in.

By end of summer we had lots of Sweet Peas

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