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Year Review

Year Review

This post was originally a post done in 2008 but Bruce seems to think I should update it annually for you. So here goes mid year update – July 15, 2020.

A hidden secret about me is my issue with time. I believe only Bruce and my parents, perhaps one of the Erin’s, understands my secret about time. And now I shall share it with all of you. I have no concept of time. I remember hours upon hours spent trying to understand the concept of time as a child. Quarter hour, half hour, tomorrow, yesterday. And god help me, I love you more today than yesterday… Bruce bought a lovely charm on my bracelet with that saying. I said ohhh thank you. He’s like you don’t get it do you? And he’s right I don’t get it. I live in the moment. My poor mom trying to teach me what tomorrow is, my response always was how do you know? It might not come? Now, I’m not pessimistic by any means can you really be pessimistic at 4? My thoughts, you can only count on what you have. 

This all ends up with me telling time by Laverne and Shirley’s. How long will it take us to get there? 1-1/2 Laverne and Shirley’s. Now, that’s something I could see and comprehend in my mind. Now that I’m older I rather like to think it’s an Einstein thing seeing time in belts that weave together. It sounds like some theory, doesn’t it?

So as 2008 rolls by I have to reflect on yesterdays and tomorrows and it makes me incredibly uncomfortable not only for remembering but my own internal issues.



2008 Professionally brought in a 48% increase from 2007. Brought tons of new clients and forced me to say no to projects. Learning to say no is so hard and it’s a process but it’s really saying yes to what you want and need to do. Bruce, Kerry and my mom would probably tell me to weed out about half of my clients but alas I’m too emotionally involved.

2019 kept the design business steady and I have a new business Savor Your Thyme which we started jeez in 2015? I still hate saying no. It gets me into tons of trouble. NO MORE OVEREXTENDING MYSELF!


2008 – I actually made it to 33. Not understanding time this was quite an accomplish all in itself.

2019 – I’ve got enough grey hairs not to tell you my age. Do the math and Damn I’ve been keeping a blog along time!


2008 – Marriage- 4 years and counting. Eight years in total. I still laugh when my single friends look like I have it all together because I’m “married”. What I’ve learned so far is that marriage is wonderful but only wonderful if you realize it and work at it everyday. Somehow I think those single girls think that after “I do”, it’s all done. They’ll learn. What’s the perfect gift for the 5th anniversary? What has meaning? What can I give next? To always want to give and not sure how, is not always easy either. 

2019 – Yes to all the above. All hard work every single day. So worth it though to have someone in your corner supporting your dreams and being there.


2008 Learning to balance life, work, and play is something in constant strain with me. If left up to me I would work probably far more than I should. Since we got back from vacation in the fall, I’ve tried to breathe more. I don’t feel the need to get up at 6am and work till 7pm anymore? 8am will suffice. Fitting in breakfast and a work out is allowable. And really what kind of life is it to have if one doesn’t have time for breakfast? Having my own business doesn’t mean I have to give up breakfast and time with my family. It means saying no… And if a client doesn’t like the time-line they can choose someone else. The people before them got their project in before them? That’s not my fault.

2019 OHH well Yeah balance… Hmm I’m better than I was? No way am I working 12 hour days. You can try but I don’t think there’s any about of money that will balance out my need for sleep. Breathing I got down with meditation and I still need to do more yoga. I’m in the office at 9am. My morning I spend working in the garden, going for walks with Bruce and the dogs and sitting down and eating breakfast.


2008 I need to be inspired. Doesn’t matter what a new cd, new book, new sights… I need to be creative and feel whole.

2020 Still True





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