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Painting and Designing and Taxes and Flowers

Snow is blowing and sputtering about frantically today. I’m content in the studio. This season has a lot of things up in the air over here. One of the things going on, as you’ve noticed I’m spending more time and taking an hour or two a day to be creative. To paint or to draw… It’s what I do. Lately, it’s mostly about writing … Read More Painting and Designing and Taxes and Flowers

+ Year Review

Year Review

This post was originally a post done in 2008 but Bruce seems to think I should update it annually for you. So here goes mid year update – July 15, 2020. A hidden secret about me is my issue with time. I believe only Bruce and my parents, perhaps one of the Erin’s, understands my secret about time. And now I shall share it with … Read More Year Review


A Winter’s Day

Featured in A Winters Day by featuring monogrammed home decor Topshop knee length parka / Tommy Hilfiger jeans Pin jewelry / People Tree brown glove, $7.95 / Moncler rabbit fur earmuff / Hunter men s fashion, $105 / Elizabeth Gleason Design Studio Home decor / Aidan Gray home decor / Tory Burch monogrammed home decor / Urban Outfitters home decor / Peppermint Hot Chocolate Our O Printer’s … Read More A Winter’s Day

Sometimes long weekends are evil

That’s right evil! 36 labor days, and the first year I missed hot dogs on the grill, the last swim in the pool, and my dad’s fireworks. Instead, I learned that crutches seriously need to be redesigned. Come on industrial designers get inspired. These are evil, evil items that leave your armpits raw. Luckily, Rebecca shared her walker with me and therefore I crown … Read More Sometimes long weekends are evil



Living in Western New York, we have multitudes and mounds of snow to play in. Today we tackled the notorious Snopatamus. Our version of the Hippopotamus and Snowman. When building a Snopatamus, it’s essential to make him big enough for everyone to ride!