Cars are beginning to stop by and people anxiously awaiting flower season. Soon, I Promise. Last year our first subscription was in mid July. We may start earlier this year and have a week break in between depending on the nature’s whims. We have Peonies almost ready to pop and we may start doing bouquets with them next week or the week after.

I always feel like it’s a late start planting. Western New York always throws us curve balls. Super heat one week where we had to rescue all the seedlings from the greenhouse since it was over 120 and this weekend we had a frost advisory which made for a long night covering everything we planted. Planting season is slowly coming to an end, we have about 30 or so flats to plant out in the garden and cutting fields.

We can’t wait for everything to be planted. It’s a busy season trying to find room for everything. Of course, after that is the best season bloom season! I can tell you we have some beautiful dahlias that are already starting to bloom which will be in our bouquets this year. The hydrangeas have lots of buds already. We have hundreds of cosmos and zinnias in all shapes and colors.

We’ve also been testing our some early spring heirloom daffodils, tulips, irises, and foxgloves so possibly next year you may have spring bouquets.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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