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Dahlias Blooming and Subscription Update

Subscription Bouquets
On Hold This Week

This week we continue to see massive spurts of growth because the weather has cooperated with good temps and some much needed rain showers. There was a decent peony showing so we were able to get some of our first bouquets out for subscription with the big beautiful peony blossoms. Now we just have to wait a couple more weeks as the other flowers start to grow taller, fuller and produce an abundance of blooms. By waiting till next week you will have the very best of our flowers for the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for the announcement that the flowers are ready and willing. Soon, we promise!

We continue to experiment with growing techniques that are chemical free and reduce our carbon footprint. We find it important to make sure that what we do here is environmentally friendly. We recycle everything on the farm to create organically rich compost. The goal after planting season is to work on a chicken coop which will help enrich our compost even more.

Sharing some of our available Dahlias this year that have started blooming throughout the post. Did you know that Dahlias are edible.

Using these methods we can produce both perennial and annual flower varieties that may not be available readily because of the inability to be shipped or transported easily. Our focus is to deliver flowers that can be grown in our area and sold locally so there are no issues with damage or freshness from having to ship long distances. Some of those varieties we are trying to grow are ranunculus, dahlias, corn cockle and so much more. Take a look on our site to see everything we’ve planted this year! Keep watching as we continue to experiment with different varieties to see what we can produce in our zone and when we can have them available for purchase.

We’ll check in next Wednesday to let you know if we have a good variety to start up regular weekly pickups!Bouquet Subscriptions OpenWe opened up 5 more subscriptions this week. Grab them while you can!

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