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Poppies, Hydrangeas & Zinnias

As the seasons change from Spring to Summer the planting time dwindles and we wait patiently for the flowers to grow. A week goes by then another and we see them grow slowly throwing out shoots and greenery, teasing us with what is about to come. Then the weather changes and the heat index rises along with rain showers that wash over the fields. … Read More Poppies, Hydrangeas & Zinnias


Avocado Scrambled Egg Breakfast Pizza

A few years back I received an OONI pizza oven for my birthday. I had never heard of one before but the minute that I saw it I was fascinated. “You mean I can make a pizza in 60 seconds in this little stainless steel pizza oven?” Truth be told I was skeptical at first but as I used it more I started to … Read More Avocado Scrambled Egg Breakfast Pizza


Dahlias Blooming and Subscription Update

Subscription BouquetsOn Hold This Week This week we continue to see massive spurts of growth because the weather has cooperated with good temps and some much needed rain showers. There was a decent peony showing so we were able to get some of our first bouquets out for subscription with the big beautiful peony blossoms. Now we just have to wait a couple more … Read More Dahlias Blooming and Subscription Update



SECRET RECIPE FROM ME TO YOU HUSH HUSH… My great aunt visited from Arizona one summer in my early teens. She made the family a traditional Mexican meal. Not only did she make us a delicious meal but also taught my mom and I the recipes. This salsa recipe I make all the time… All the time. If I love you I’ve made it … Read More Salsa


Nutmeg Kaye

I’m with Nutmeg Saturday naps are the best She was the cutest puppy. She enjoyed eating rugs as a toddler and had a grumpy temperament in the mornings. My little meggy enjoys all forms of mud she finds on walks. She does not like 6am wake up calls and always prefer to sleep on my pillow. She also loves to swim. She’s also extremely … Read More Nutmeg Kaye

What Will You Do With Your Saturday?

This gorgeous treasury features our “r” tile and is absolutely exquisite! Thanks to Jess & Lisa Honea for this wonderful treasury!

Love You! Kiss You!

This beautiful treasury is just in time for the kick-off of the Valentine’s Day season of love! See our “Letter Y” featured in an Etsy Treasury