As the seasons change from Spring to Summer the planting time dwindles and we wait patiently for the flowers to grow. A week goes by then another and we see them grow slowly throwing out shoots and greenery, teasing us with what is about to come. Then the weather changes and the heat index rises along with rain showers that wash over the fields. It is then that we see the first growth spurts and flower buds emerge. This is what we have waited for all season, it’s what we call The Big Show! The blooms, Oh the blooms! Bright and wonderful colors show up overnight and that means the bouquets are ready to be made.

The poppies this week! OMG!!! They’re amazing. We do need time to prepare these flowers for bouquets so 24 notice is needed. They’re very fragile and you can expect 4 days of vase life.


Expect a rainbow of colors this week. The zinnias have every color imaginable. The farm bouquets this week will be so fun to create this week for you. For bouquet subscriptions you have five weeks left in most of your subscriptions which would bring us out to August 5th. If you have a vacation and need to skip a week that will be fine just let us know or if you want more flowers throughout August you can skip this week too.

Black Eyed Susan Bouquet

One thing to keep in mind; let us know the night before if you want a flower pick-up. We do need some time to harvest and clean and arrange your bouquets. If you want Friday Pick-up Schedule your time or let us know by 6pm today.

Zinnia Bouquet
The zinnia have loved the heat this week! We have a rainbow of colors!
Hydrangea Bouquet

Order your Bouquet for Pick-Up

New and haven’t tried one of our bouquets. No problem! Right now we’re offering a mix of the freshest blooms we have on the farm the day you order them. Just choose a single bouquet below and pick a date and time you want to pick-up. If you have questions or want something in particular just let us know.


July 4th Sale On Our Society6 Shop

July 4th Sale

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