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+ Smoked Salmon

Salmon with Creamy Crème Fraîche Dill Sauce

One of the things that I had wanted when we first moved to the farm was a smoker. I still have dreams of a large wood fired smoker so I can do all sorts of things like a huge pork belly for bacon and large racks of ribs smoked to perfection but until I get the time to build one I bought a Masterbuilt Electric … Read More Salmon with Creamy Crème Fraîche Dill Sauce


Bacon Cherry Plum Sage Wrap

Have you tried the Cherry Plum? A cross between a cherry and plum. I couldn’t resist trying them this summer. You can use this recipe with a nectarine, plum, cherry or apricot. Bacon Cherry Plum Sage Wrap Recipe Serves: 6 People INGREDIENTS 4 Cherry Plums 8 Pieces Bacon cut in half 12 Sage Leaves 2 tbsp Maple Syrup INSTRUCTIONS Preheat oven to 350 degrees … Read More Bacon Cherry Plum Sage Wrap


Caprese Dip

Our weekly “book club” often comes too quickly and we have yet to decide on the appetizer to pass around while we discuss that week’s… Everyone that belongs in the book club does like to read but when Saturday comes around we find that it is a great time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Books are discussed but the stars of the … Read More Caprese Dip



SECRET RECIPE FROM ME TO YOU HUSH HUSH… My great aunt visited from Arizona one summer in my early teens. She made the family a traditional Mexican meal. Not only did she make us a delicious meal but also taught my mom and I the recipes. This salsa recipe I make all the time… All the time. If I love you I’ve made it … Read More Salsa