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Blue vintage bottles combined with daffodils are a perfect match
Daffodils ares such a friendly site after long February’s and snowy springs.
These petit daffodils pop up every year in our ditch. When we go for drives, I love spotting daffodils in unusual places. Sometimes the houses are long gone but you can see remnants of where a home once stood because the daffodils still pop up.

This week walk around your garden and take stock of where your daffodils are popping up. Do you have just the right amount or maybe you need a bit more? A good rule of thumb is to order bulbs when the flower is blooming. You have the best selection in the garden catalogs and online stores. Daffodils aren’t just the plane bright pops of yellow anymore. You will find a wide range of colors to choose from with ranges of peaches, whites and pinks. This morning I just put my order in for Pink Blooms, Butterfly collection and a good mix of traditional ones.

Planting Tips

Daffodils look their best when planted in clumps vs a straight row. They prefer well-drained soil with six hours of daylight. I say this but the ones that do the best are growing in our countryside ditch. You want to plant the bulbs in around 6-8″ depth

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