Country Path

Just cresting the bend on his daily walk, Walter Hobbs could barely make out the town common just ahead. It had always fascinated him how he could be walking down a country lane and then appear just inside the town where all the bustle of town life was all around. He looked forward to making a wish in the fountain today even after all these years; more often than not, they came true. He counted himself lucky to be a member of this community, he thought, as he quickened his pace and started whistling a tune. He was so close he wanted to hurry before all the wishes were used up.

Size: 9×12
Medium: Oils

What I’ve learned in oils so far. I never think I’m doing it correctly or think I’m going to like it until the last 20 or 10 minutes. Once I add the finishing touches of lights and shadows it all comes together. Kinda like magic and don’t we all need a little magic now and then in our everyday lives?

Talk about magic. I love underpainting too. It’s like uncovering an old sepia photograph.

Class: Marion Parsons – Landscape Course

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