Why does a girl want a cheese box? I love Cheese boxes! No, I don’t need big rounds of cheese to age. My mom always stuck the most interesting things in the boxes growing up. I could always find an Early American Life Magazine in there. Strange, a ten-year-old reading Early American Life, yes, but still true. In the winter, she would fill them with scented pine cones or oranges with cloves in them. I’ve used them to decorate our Christmas Tree’s bottom or hide away large holiday platters and dishes. This year though, they’re being reused in our back entry to hide away mittens and gloves.

The boxes make a perfect place to hide away your winter accessories.

Last November, I was scouring through all the Frewsburg Antique Stores. At VSK Emporium I picked up some antique Cheese Boxes and keeping it local. The boxes were marked Jamestown.

Do you see the Jamestown “something” Storage 23 Taylor St, Jamestown NY? Added Bonus!
How much cheese really could fit in these? Last you all year!
Old Nails
Try filling the boxes with scented cinnamon pinecones under your tree.

First written Dec 1, 2010

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