Bentley Hart – Oil Painting


  • Original Rabbit Oil Painting by Elizabeth Gleason. The painting is done in Alla Prima, which means that these paintings are done in one session wet on wet oil technique, which gives a looser look to the work.
  • Size 6×6
  • Oil on Wood PanelFrame not included. The painting can be displayed without a frame.
  • This painting has a bluish-grey painted side and back.


Twilight was coming to the glen. The fireflies had just started their nightly adventures while Bentley hopped home. He was out later than he should have been because he had found an enchanted waterfall tucked away in a copse of trees. He had been foraging when he ventured a little further than he had ever gone before. The view was enchanting, the rushing currents, the water flowing over craggy rocks into a crystal clear basin below.


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